8 Creative Ways to Use Your GoPro

Since its release, GoPro cameras have unlocked the ability to record amazing videos in extreme environments. While adventure and action sports have been the focal point for the brand, GoPro cameras can be used in a myriad of creative ways.

Here are 8 simple, practical and creative ways to use your GoPro.

1. Record Your Drive

Monument Valley Road - Scenic Drive - GoPro HD

Going on a scenic drive?Mount it on your car and record the journey from an interesting point of view. You can mount your GoPro outside or inside your car. You can also use multiple cameras for a more comprehensive coverage. You can get two vantage points with panoramic views.

2. Travel Time-lapse

HD Travel Day GoPro Hero 4 Session Video Time-Lapse

The time-lapse can be used for more than just recording the sunrise or sunset. Record your travels for an interesting perspective from beginning to end. The only requirement is snagging a good window seat!

3. Record Your Toys

Hot Wheels Road Trip

Put your viewers on a unique experience on fun track for your Hot Wheels or an amazing model train scene.

4. Pet Point of View

Dog's View of Arriving at the Dog Park: GoPro Fetch Harness

Get on all fours and have a completely different view. This works for most domesticated animals!

5. Kid Point of View

Toddler GoPro Hide and Seek

No pets? No problem. Let your kid get some fun footage!

6. No Drone Aerial Shots

Kite Flight #2 GoPro Hero 3 Camera

Don’t own a drone? Attach your camera to a kite for cool aerial shots.

7. Home Aquarium Footage

Marine Aquarium from inside with Gopro Hero4

You don’t have to travel to the ocean to get interesting underwater videos. Put your GoPro into a fish tank to get a different perspective from the inside.

8. Wildlife Directors

"SQUIRREL VLOGGER" takes GoPro and gives best POV EVER!!!

Try hiding your camera in an unsuspecting place to get some footage of wildlife in their natural habitat. Alternatively put the camera in an easy to find place to see what the animals think should be in your footage.

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