Best GoPro Video Editor

Now that you have some amazing footage, how do you put it all together to be the next YouTube star? Editing your videos can be the difference between a home video and the next viral hit.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be the next Spielberg to create an exciting video that everybody will want to watch. Adding music, timely edits, and smooth transitions, are all possible on your computer or mobile device.

Here are our picks for the best GoPro video editor software and apps:

GoPro Quik (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) – Free

The best part about GoPro’s Quik app is how quick and easy it is to edit your videos and share them. Using the mobile apps, you can have a video uploaded to YouTube while you are still on the slopes.

The Quik app does most of the work for you with great built in templates that allow you to choose the clips and get a finished video. Quick allows you to add filters, text, and photos, but you are limited in customizing the templates.In addition to editing your videos, Quik allows you to update the software on your GoPro camera.

If you are looking for the absolute easiest way to edit a video, GoPro updated Quik with a new feature called QuikStories. This new feature allows you to connect to your Hero5, Hero5 Session, or Hero6 and automatically create videos based on what you are recording. When it works you can have a shareable video in seconds.

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GoPro Splice (iOS) – Free

Splice would be our top pick if it was available on more platforms. This iOS only app is one of the top video editing apps on the iOS platform and adds the ability to make more customizations over the Quik app.

Unlike Quik, Splice requires you to choose your own transitions. and allows you to add filters to each clip. You can also add filters to each clip, control playback speed and more.

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iMovie (Mac & iOS) – Free

iMovie has been a staple of the Apple ecosystem for years and it is a great tool to edit your GoPro videos. While there are more options out there, iMovie continues to do all the essentials well.

The best part of using iMovie is the ability to create delightful videos with little effort. iMovie includes beautiful filters and transitions, and the templates give you a great start.

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DaVinci Resolve (Windows, Mac, Linux) – Free

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most feature packed editors on the list. More than just a video editor, you can perform color adjustments, customize slow motion clips, and perfect the audio. Upon opening the application you will realize that could cost hundreds rather than being free.

Unlike our some of our choices, DaVinci Resolve trades the ease of templates for the complexities of customization. You can control almost every part of your video within Resolve, but to get it right you will have to take time to learn.

If you are looking to get outside the box of templates and limited customization without having to spend hundreds, this is your video editor.

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Filmora (Windows, Mac) – $60

Filmora Easy to use interface

Filmora’s interface is simple and easy to use.

If you are looking for a good balance between templates and customization, Filmora is worth looking into. With an easy to use interface and plenty of effects, you can create some fun videos the same day you download the software.

Compared to all of our other options, Filmora is able to do the most features in an easy to use way. While DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premier and others pack more advanced features into their software, neither are as intuitive as Filmora is. The interface is a joy to use and the end results from your videos will be impressive.

Filmora also sells packages of effects if you are looking for the perfect transition.

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Adobe Premier & Premier Elements (Windows, Mac) – $99+

Adobe Premier & Premier Elements are two of the most popular video editing applications in the world. Simply put, they just work and can do nearly everything you need from a video editing app.

Premier Elements has a good balance of being easy to use while allowing you to customize nearly every part of the video. Take a look at this comparison to understand which version is more appropriate for you.

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